The Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC. are among the nation’s fastest growing areas. With rising property values, convenient access to DC, excellent public and private schools, and great job opportunities, who wouldn’t want to live here?  Maryland is home to high-tech centers and historic sites, urban areas and biking/hiking trails, and neighborhoods ranging from sprawling estates to pedestrian friendly, close-knit communities.

Montgomery County has over 200 biotech companies and industry leaders, making the state’s biotech community the fourth largest in the nation. More than that, it boasts one of the nation’s largest Jewish communities.  The county is home to 40 congregations, 23 Jewish preschools, a Jewish Community Center, 10 Jewish day schools, many Jewish social services and a host of political, social and educational organizations.

Jewish Life in Maryland

Synagogues and Congregations in Maryland

Whether you are a seasoned shul-goer, or are just getting your feet wet, you will find a synagogue or congregation in this area to welcome you.  From thriving Orthodox communities in Silver Spring and Potomac to vibrant Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist, and Jewish Renewal synagogues and congregations, Maryland offers a wide range of synagogue options for worship and connection.


Schools in Maryland

Maryland is home to some of the best public and private schools in the country. In particular, the area offers many options for Jewish education, including preschools, college preparatory environments, and Jewish day schools.

In addition, The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington works with schools, agencies, and individuals to provide substantial Jewish educational opportunities for people of all ages.

Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington

The Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington is a central hub of Jewish oriented activities. With a fitness center, preschool and camp for kids, music program featuring classical and jazz options, ongoing classes and lectures, and a host of social and networking opportunities, you are bound to find a way to develop a strong community connection.

Jewish Community Organizations in Maryland

Maryland has a rich network of Jewish community organizations that allow you to get involved in social, political, and charitable causes. Many people in the area are active in The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, which offers a host of volunteer and giving opportunities.  In addition, the political advocacy arm of the Jewish community, the Jewish Community Relations Council, is a great way to connect with the area’s scores of political junkies. Undoubtedly, Maryland has a vehicle for you to explore whatever Jewish interest you have, and connect with others who share your passion.