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PJ Library Sweet Summer Series

It's time for the 4th annual Sweet Summer Series, with frozen treats, crafts, socializing and PJ Library storytime coming to a neighborhood near you! We are partnering with many local organizations to make this happen, and the list will grow. Check back often, or like us on Facebook for updates.

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Grand Slam Sunday

Come out to the ballgame for Federation’s third annual Jewish Community Day at Nationals Park. Join more than 1,500 community members at Grand Slam Sunday and watch the Nationals take on the Mets!

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Between Us


Steven A. Rakitt


This week’s parasha is Korach, in which the protagonist by the same name challenges Moses and Aaron’s leadership. Along with 250 elders, he claims he has an equal right to lead the people. It ends rather badly for Korach and his followers, with God opening the earth to swallow them all up.