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Israeli Dance Festival DC

The Israeli Dance Festival DC is a testament to the vibrancy of the Israeli dance community in the Greater Washington, DC area. Local groups ranging from school age through adult perform a selection of dances set to modern and traditional Israeli music. Embrace the amazing diversity of our culture through the language of dance. 

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extend a warm welcome to the 11 Birthright Israeli alumni from Birthright Israel: DC Community Trips as they come to DC for a 10-day immersive “Reverse Birthright” experience. Join our Israeli guests and community members in volunteer projects, social events, learning opportunities, a meaningful Shabbat service and more.

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Steven A. Rakitt


Martin Buber wrote about a Chasidic tale, telling us that Rabbi Mendel of Kotzk taught, concerning the Ve’ahavta“And these words that I command you this day shall be upon your heart.”  The verse does not say “in your heart,” for there are times, Kotzk notes, when the heart is shut. But the words lie upon the heart; ready for when the heart opens in holy hours and the words can sink deep down into it.