Washington’s Entertainment Connection

Washington’s Entertainment Connection (WEC) offers FIVE primary services:
¦Successfully matching clients with live bands and DJ’s for
both public and private affairs¦Management and support of specific bands
¦Representation and promotion of independent bands and DJ’s signed by the agency
¦Connecting clients with additional support services that have proven (to us) to be superior in the business, such as photography, videography and lighting
¦Expanding our mission to find the greatest musicians possible to hire to perform for you, is WEC’s affiliation with “Gigs For You”. GFY is a non profit musician’s organization that helps musicians and other entertainers network with one another and find work. (GFY was started by our founder, Brian Choper.) Through this affiliation, you can take advantage of these GFY resources. As WEC discovers new talent through GFY, that talent is brought into the A-List group of musicians hired by WEC to perform for you as you hire our bands.
What’s In It For You That Makes WEC The Best Choice
WEC is a family of managers, musicians, sound engineers, photographers, videographers and DJ’s, all working together to create great bands, great music and great events. It is a family of artists in collaboration, providing you great bands and great musical options. Check out Thunder & Lightning, our in-house band — an awesome example of how the people and performers within our agency work together to create great bands and great music, whether for a corporate party, a festival or a wedding.
A Planning Partner For the Music Side of Things.
We do more than help you select the perfect band. When you call to book a band through us, you have the opportunity to speak directly with the owner, Brian Choper. Brian is promoter and manager of several bands represented by the agency. He is a world renowned drummer/percussionist. Why is this important?
You are consulting with our expert. He is sharing with you his first hand knowledge of what works to make your event a success. With over 35 years of direct experience, he’s seen just about everything one can imagine in the business, he knows the business, the bands, and has the reputation for matching the right band and the right music to make your party awesome.
Brian can discuss the details of your event with you, introducing the various musical options he might recommend. He will suggest solutions based your ideas and his experience. Together we will help you make an informed and educated music choice. Whether it will be a trio, DJ or full band, our goal is to make your event not only good, but awesome! By helping and supporting you, you can be assured that you’ve made a decision that will give you a great party and make you shine.
Professionalism and Versatility Behind the Music
WEC performers are all top professionals with years of experience fine tuning their craft. Other agencies can provide bands that take requests. Every band does that. However, because we work with such experienced players, we can provide bands that on a dime can change genre. What is the advantage for you?
Our bands are experienced at “reading the room”, figuring out and playing the music that engages all the guests in the fun! Our bands find the music that will entertain all ages, playing music for the younger crowd while finding the right mix to get the senior of the group up and dancing too!
Our bands will dress to suit your event, semi formal, formal or casual. You tell us what you want.
What Sets Us Apart
Like you, we want for the party to go off flawlessly, and we handle our bands differently because of this. Most agencies are in the business for the contract. In other words, they are in the business of selling as many bands as they can, as quickly as they can. The more contracts they land, the more money they make. It’s a numbers game and it’s that simple. WEC is NOT in this business for the contract, we are in it for the band and for the party. Our founder started this business to build and recruit the best bands, and to match those groups with great parties, as the business came along. So, as we consult with you, we are not looking to close a quick deal. Rather, we are looking to discuss your plans for your event with you, and after discussing with you the type of music you want, present you with the most appropriate music options. That’s our job. It’s about the process and the band, not the contract.
Superior Communication and Service
As mentioned above, most agencies are about the contract; closing the contract as quickly as possible. In doing this, the client might not actually hire the best band. They might just hire a band that works. As the agent closes the deal in haste, it is more common for them to not pass on the crucial details of your party they’ve discussed with you to the band. It’s like phone tag. The typical scenario of the agent passing your event information to the band gets convoluted, misunderstood, and eventually becomes inaccurate. This process usually ends in surprises because the band comes to the party unprepared. This could lead to anything from a first dance song missing, or confusion over start time. We’ve heard all the horror stories, both from the clients and from the bands. When WEC helps you with your party details, they make sure the band knows all the ins and outs of the conversations, all the particulars. It’s all part of doing a good job for you.
Going the Extra Mile for You
When you hire one of WEC’s full House Bands, you often receive the additional benefit of having a representative from WEC, on location, at your party. This representative has already spoken with the client and the band, knows the details of your party and can be a liaison between the band and your event coordinator avoiding mistakes, increasing flexibility and letting you enjoy your role as host. This service is specifically available when hiring one of our house bands. This representative will know the details of your event, as outlined in your agreement with WEC.
Things to consider when planning:
1. Band cost is determined in part by the length of the show and the number of musicians involved.
2. WEC will contact the venue to address power and lighting parameters. Our goal at WEC is to manage the details so that the band knows them and can work with them.
At WEC – We match great players with great clients. Our goal is to provide you with amazing music that will make you the envy of your guests. Our bands are working toward your goal, to create an incredible party


10482 Baltimore Avenue, Suite 269
Beltsville, MD 20705

Washington’s Entertainment Connection
10482 Baltimore Avenue, Suite 269
Beltsville, MD 20705