Career Posting Guidelines

Posting an Opportunity

Please provide all the requested information. Your posting will be reviewed within two business days of posting. Your event will either go live on the site or you will be contacted by the Career Center administrator for any missing information or other issues.  After your post has been approved, revisions will need to be implemented by the Career Center administrator. You are responsible for all material included in your posting.

Posting Eligibility

All opportunities that are sponsored by Jewish organizations/institutions/groups, and/or are of interest to members of the Greater Washington Jewish community can be included on Jconnect’s Career Center. These include opportunities which are outside the Greater DC area but may be of interest to local professionals.

Organizations which encourage the boycott of, divestment from or sanctions against Israel (BDS) cannot post career opportunities on the Jconnect Career Center.

Career Opportunity Posting Termination

It is very important that Jconnect and the Career Center remain up-to-date. We want to avoid community users becoming frustrated because they have responded to a position which is no longer available. Please remember to notify the Jconnect administrator immediately after the position had been filled.

Career opportunities will be removed 90 days after posting. If your career opportunity is still available, you are welcome to extend your posting.