Happy Passover

Passover During Social Distancing

by Avi West

“The holiday of Passover has always been an annual oasis in time when many of our usual routines are changed. This year, with quarantines and social distancing, we may be more challenged to see the blessings of this oasis, and we may ask ourselves how are we to celebrate in these circumstances. Here are a few Passover routines that may be tweaked, and many links to resources, to reveal blessings and opportunities, in a time that family-in-the-room will become family-on-zoom:
  • We prepare by cleaning our houses, going beyond seasonal “spring cleaning” to rid our homes of chametz, leavening of any type, and to make way for matzah, the unleavened bread of affliction. This year, with more home-bound time on our hands, we can do a more thorough cleaning, culling, and re-ordering of the things we collect and save. Take time to look at pictures in and out of albums- what would you want to pass along to next generations?
  • We eat only unleavened foods. And this year, when shopping trips may be curtailed and supplies limited, we can concentrate on the basics and learn to be more modest in our food prep, avoiding waste. What new symbolic foods may we add to our seder to express our current condition and our hopes for the future?
  • We can look inward and expunge the chametz in our hearts; that which puffs us up like yeast does to flour. We can, “high holiday like,” do an accounting of our souls to examine our behavior and relationships. When life goes back to a new normal, we can join with a new appreciation of the blessings of family, friends, and the richness of community. How would you tweak the ways you communicate, or to whom you “reach out and touch?”

The seder home ritual was always a simulation of the journey from enslavement and limitations to a life of freedom WITH responsibility. We can use this year’s seder to contemplate and share how we will emerge from our current limitations into a new community of great opportunity and mutual responsibility.”

Some (unleavened) food for thought and resources for Passover 2020:

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Passover: A Joyous Exploration

Seder plate
Enjoy this Passover Supplement from The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington filled with interesting holiday facts, recipes, songs and thoughts for you to ponder. A great addition to any family’s Passover.

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Prepared Passover Foods for Pickup or Delivery

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