Yachad, National Jewish Council for Disabilities

Yachad, The National Jewish Council for Disabilities (NJCD), an agency of The Orthodox Union, is a multi-faceted organization committed to enhancing the life opportunities of individuals with disabilities, ensuring their participation in the full spectrum of Jewish life. 5 major groupings of services include:

1. Yachad: Provides unique social, educational and recreational “mainstreamed” programs for individuals (ages 8-40) with developmental disabilities.
2. Our Way: Provides both mainstreamed and self-contained educational and recreational activities for the hearing-impaired and deaf.
3. National Resource Center: A reference and referral resource with consultation and direct services to individuals, families and agencies with help regarding all kinds of disabilities.
4. Inclusion programs: Promote, facilitate, and provide for the inclusion of all children and adults through a department of school and educational services, vocational resources and job placement, and clinical services.
5. IVDU Schools: In New York Yachad runs several schools for students who have special educational requirements.
Note: Most programs are in New York Cit,y however there are branches around the country.

Disseminate knowledge and information
Advocacy on behalf of those with special needs
Family counseling
Sibling support groups
Family retreats, conferences, & workshops
Conferences & workshops for professionals working with challenged individuals
Respite care (New York City)
Promoting Inclusive education and activities
Sensitivity training for youth & adults through schools and synagogues
Consultation to schools & synagogues on implementation of Inclusion
Inclusive social/recreational activities for the developmentally disabled and hearing impaired in chapters throughout the U.S. and Canada
Jewish heritage classes providing Jewish education for developmentally disabled and learning disabled youth & young adults
Mainstreamed summer camping & touring experiences for the developmentally disabled & hearing-impaired
Vocational Resources and Job Placement
Taglit-Birthright Israel trips

Yachad – informal educational and social recreational program for individuals who have special needs. Mainstream program – all activities participate with non-challenged individuals. Age Range: Juniors, ages 8 to 14, mainstream with middle school students. Seniors, ages 15 to 25, mainstream with high schools students. Rayim, ages 25 and older, mainstream with college students and adults.

Yachad also has an inclusive summer program to Israel (one month) touring and working on kibbutz. There is also a 1 month US touring program.

Closest chapter is Baltimore: 401-358-2080

Serves as a national resource center on issues regarding school placement by working with boards of education to get rights for students. Conferences, workshops for parents and families, sibling programs, parents programs, speakers bureau.

Yachad Summer Programs, email to [email protected]


11 Broadway
13th Floor
New York, NY 10004

Yachad, National Jewish Council for Disabilities
11 Broadway
13th Floor
New York, NY 10004