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Shira Betzibur (singing in public) was a favorite activity of the halutzim (pioneers) of Israel, who would pass out song sheets, take out a lone guitar or accordion, and sing around the campfire.

In recent years, Shira Betzibur has regained momentum, both in Israel and America, and we look forward to our Seeds of Song Erev Shira growing in popularity and becoming a cultural staple of the Washington Metropolitan Community.

With each evening program, we incorporate familiar tunes and continue to build a repertoire of new songs together.

Featuring Area Musicians and Song Leaders: Jill Moskowitz, Teddy Klaus, Liz Kruger, and Sally Heckelman

Hebrew words and transliteration are projected on a large screen and are easy to follow.

Please join us for light refreshments following the program.


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Rockville, MD 20852

Seeds of Song Community Erev Shira
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Rockville, MD 20852

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