Mona Israeli Dance

Mona Israeli Dance is the only Jewish entertainment company in the DC area.

Mona currently runs two weekly Israeli Dance sessions:

Sunday Evening: RikudDC
WHAT: RikudDC is the only Israeli dance session in DC as well as the only session in the world geared towards young adults (20s-30s).
We do circles, lines, and partner dances., 16th and Q N.W. DC
WHEN: 7-8pm beginners, 8-11pm intermediate with instruction.

Monday Evening at Temple Emanuel
WHAT: Temple Emanuel is Mona’s largest session geared all levels of experience and ages.
We do circles, lines, and partner dances.
WHEN: 7-8pm beginners, 8-11pm intermediate with instruction.

Boost the Jewishness for all celebrations
Mona is the only DJ, Israeli dance instructor, and MC All In One.
Make your party unique:
You design your party and Mona guarantees that the celebration will go exactly how you want it!

All Celebrations:
– Bnai Mitzvah
– Weddings
– Sisterhood events
– Private Parties
– Synaplex Shabbat
– Synagogue, Company events, Galas
– New event type? No Problem!

All interests:
– DJ of Israeli, Top 40, and/or Rock music
– Teach and/or lead Israeli dance for all ages
– MC of kids and adult games and line dances
– SPECIAL: Klezmer Band and Mona together

Special Additions:
– Free example party schedules upon hiring
– Free entrance coupon to Israeli dance class upon hiring
– Troupe performances
– DJ lighting
– Party giveaways


Silver Spring, MD 20910

Mona Israeli Dance

Silver Spring, MD 20910