Israel 4 All

The world is an open road. Everyone can travel and you can too!

We believe as you do, that people with physical limitations and special needs should have the same opportunities as those who are able bodied. Israel 4 All specializes in all of your travel needs as well as those who are accompanying you.

Whether you are coming to Israel for the vacation of your dreams or in search of your Jewish, Christian or Muslim heritage, we provide customized travel for groups and individuals with disabilities and with special needs. Up until now, this experience has been unattainable for the majority of those with special needs. Israel 4 All offers tours which have all been thoroughly checked for accessibility, and we have the experience for those who need that little extra attention.

We will plan all aspects of your trip so as to insure that it will be a memorable experience and will meet all your needs.
This includes:
Tours to all parts of Israel.
Heritage tours for Jewish, Christian, and Moslem tourists.
Adventure tours.
Spa and medical tours.
Tours celebrating family events – Bar/Bat Mitzvah, weddings, and all other special occasions.
Summer camps.
Checking accommodations in advance to assure they are accessible and meet all of your needs.
Arrange specific types of transportation.
Make certain that various types of medical related equipment are available depending upon your needs.

We provide

An itinerary based on your specific needs.
Professional tour guides experienced with working with people with various disabilities.
The rental of wheelchairs and numerous types of equipment depending on your needs.
For those with hearing difficulities we provide sign language interpreters, as well as electronic devices of amplifying, light, and vibration.
If required, we will coordinate medical treatment. This includes dialysis, oxygen, or other special medical care in major medical centers administered by experienced physicians.
Assure that special dietary needs are met.
The opportunity of meeting and staying with Israeli families.
Tours in the Middle East including Egypt and Jordan.
Accessible accommodation and transportation in other countries – Greece, Crete, Spain, Italy, and Croatia.

Accessible transportation that includes vans or buses equipped with either an electric lift, ramp, EZ Lock Wheelchair Docking System, and tie-downs, depending on the specific model.


P.O. Box 228
Binyamina, IS 30550

Israel 4 All
P.O. Box 228
Binyamina, IS 30550