Dora Teitelboim Center for Yiddish Culture

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Advancing Jewish Culture And the Yiddish Language…
Dora Teitelboim, one of the most dramatic Yiddish poets in this century, was committed to advancing Yiddish culture through her published writings and international lectures.
The Dora Teitelboim Center is dedicated to carrying on its namesake’s legacy through translating the works of Yiddish writers, scholars and poets the world over, running Yiddish education and cultural programming and presenting a new generation of emerging writers and artists.
*Yiddish Literary Publishing
The Center translates the works of emerging or overlooked Yiddish writers and produces bi-lingual, multi-lingual or English publications, children’s books and anthologies.
*Annual International Jewish Writing Contest
To promote Jewish Culture, the Center sponsors an annual writing contest which seeks to attract new writers, in both English and Yiddish. Winners are published in leading Jewish magazines and in future center anthologies.
*Chanukah Book-Giving
To disseminate high quality Yiddish works to schools, libraries and Jewish homes, the Foundation donates and distributes books to a variety of institutions with special needs.
*Art Gallery & Cultural Center
In an effort to demonstrate the contributions of Jewish artists and writers, and to bring Jewish culture to the South Florida community and the public in general, the Center operates an art gallery and cultural center featuring the works of various artists and translators, including those of Aaron Kramer, Dana Craft, Saul Lishinsky, and Curt Leviant. It is the home of the Dora Teitelboim Memorial Library, where lectures and seminars are held for the purpose of advancing Jewish learning.


P.O. Box 1066
Flat Rock, NC 28731

Dora Teitelboim Center for Yiddish Culture
P.O. Box 1066
Flat Rock, NC 28731

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