Clal-The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership is a leadership training institute, think tank and resource center. A leader in religious pluralism, Clal links Jewish wisdom with innovative scholarship to deepen civic and spiritual participation in American life. Clal’s interdisciplinary programs explore religious and national identity. The Clal faculty, with its reputation for excellence, represents rabbis and scholars from many streams and disciplines, and provides cutting-edge teaching, lectures, courses, seminars, and consulting across the country.

Working with established and emerging volunteer leaders, rabbis and other religious leaders, professionals, scholars, and opinion makers, Clal has earned a reputation for compelling programs embodying the principles of openness and diversity. Joining with a network of leaders and experts from diverse fields, Clal offers new perspectives on contemporary issues, reaching an influential body of leaders, thinkers, and practitioners. Clal’s internship and professional education programs connect modern experience with ancient texts and traditions. Clal’s publications and materials offer thought-provoking ideas, tools, and techniques to enhance people, communities, and institutions. In all of Clal’s work, it strives to build vibrant Jewish life that is spiritually engaged in the intellectual and ethical challenges of the world-at-large.

Creating an informed, engaged and dynamic Jewish life is Clal’s mission. A leader in pluralism for almost 36 years, Clal offers innovative programs, classes, leadership training, and resources to strengthen communities and institutions. Bringing Jewish wisdom to a broad audience, our unique faculty provides cutting-edge tools and techniques to address contemporary challenges. Clal is dedicated to building vital Jewish life that is spiritually rich and engaged in the intellectual and ethical questions of the wider world.




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