Chesapeake PC Users Group, Inc.

The ChPCUG/CRSIG is pleased to offer qualified individuals, eligible academic users or charitable organizations, that are unable to afford the purchase of a new computer the opportunity to acquire a refurbished personal computer by making a donation of $80.00 in cash at the time of pickup or a check enclosed with the application made out to the Chesapeake PC Users Group, Inc. The cash donation is due when the computer is picked up.

Qualified Individual means a person
1. In a community with limited access to technology; and
2. with a disability; or
3. a member of a low-income family. Examples
i. receiving state benefits based on need;
ii. receiving aid from an Intergovernmental Organization (“IGO”);
iii. receiving benefits from a charitable organization based on need
Eligible Academic Users means
1. educational institutions that are:
i. accredited academic institutions; or
ii. accredited vocational institutions; or
iii. preschools that
a. provide educational services to children;
b. serve at least ten children; and
c. have been in operation for at least one year.
2. public museums that:
i. are organized primarily for educational or aesthetic purposes;
ii. have a professional or volunteer staff; and
iii. own or use real objects, care for them and show them to the public on a regular basis.
Eligible Charitable Organization
1. An organization that is eligible for the Microsoft Software Donation program. See click on the Eligibility Check Tool.
2. Eligible nonprofit organizations must include a copy of the letter with their current federal ID# indicating that they are a tax-exempt nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations.


1783 Forest Drive, #285
Annapolis, MD 21403

Chesapeake PC Users Group, Inc.
1783 Forest Drive, #285
Annapolis, MD 21403