American Friends of Tel-Aviv University

TAU is Israel’s leading center of higher learning, providing an education for 30,000 students ranked among the finest in the world.

Attracting the brightest minds from across the country and around the globe, the university is distinguished by its emphasis on excellence and its pioneering, multidisciplinary approach to research.

TAU is one of Israel’s most important research centers, engaged in more than 5,000 innovative projects in classic disciplines and in cutting-edge fields from bioinformatics to nanotechnology. That’s why more than 150 of the world’s leading academic and corporate institutions regularly conduct joint programs on campus.

Tel Aviv University’s American Friends are a worldly and intellectually sophisticated group, committed to nurturing higher education and developing Israel’s best minds.

We offer a stimulating variety of cultural, social and educational activities throughout the year, at venues across the country. Special briefings. International conferences. Intimate get-togethers and more formal events.

We serve as a dynamic bridge between two inspired communities — American and Israeli — dedicated to excellence in scholarship and to strengthening Israel and the vital city of Tel Aviv. As an American Friend, you’ll have access to:

•a like-minded and congenial group of peers
•the Tel Aviv University faculty’s academic all-stars
•leaders in Israeli business and government
•reports from thinkers and think tanks
•private events and activities

American Friends of Tel Aviv University is pleased to support Tel Aviv University’s vital role in shaping the future of Israel — and the world.


39 Broadway, Suite 1510
New York, NY 10006

American Friends of Tel-Aviv University
39 Broadway, Suite 1510
New York, NY 10006