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Allgenerations is a unique worldwide e-mail network for Holocaust Survivors and their children (2g’s or the “second generation”) and grandchildren (3g’s or the “third generation”), and other concerned and interested individuals and organizations alike.

Our mission is to further enhance and increase our understanding and knowledge of Holocaust education as we continuously develop new projects and initiatives on a global capacity. Allgenerations was designed as an educational and informative resource for disseminating and sharing information about the Holocaust and for keeping our unique community informed and connected.

One of the most important services Allgenerations offers our members are posting searches. This is how we try to obtain information about and/or attempt to locate missing relatives and friends whose fate, since Liberation, has yet to be determined and who it is hoped, may still be alive today.

Allgenerations is an excellent frequently used resource for educators, scholars, students, historians and others with similar interests. They usually are conducting historical research, school projects, dissertations, and psychological studies.

We frequently assist teachers and students for all ages and educational levels, in implementing school projects and assignments relating to the Holocaust. Authors, playwrights, and filmmakers contact Allgenerations to locate Holocaust Survivors for information for their books, documentaries, plays and films. Their requests are usually for finding and interviewing Holocaust Survivors in order to obtain their eyewitness accounts and personal knowledge on a specific topic relevant to their work. Speaking and sharing of their personal experiences and eye-witness accounts and experiences are invaluable, and Allgenerations is honored to help in making these connections.

Allgenerations initiatives on a wide range of Holocaust topics such as connecting:

¦Survivors from the same hometowns.
¦Survivors who were in the same camp, ghetto, etc.
¦Survivors who escaped to Russia, Siberia, Tashkent, Kazakhstan, etc.
¦Survivors who were passengers on the same ship/voyage you both came over on.
¦Survivors who were in the same displaced persons (dip) camps in Germany, Austria and Italy.