Religious School Inclusion Coordinator & Learning Specialist

Posted: 08/23/2022


  • The Coordinator is supervised by the Director of Congregational Learning (DCL).

Communicating with Families

  • Review Religious School registrations to identify families who need learning supports.
  • Collect and review all IEPs, 504 Plans and other learning support documents. Follow up with families to make sure that all documents are submitted before school starts or as soon as possible after registration.
  • Conduct intake sessions with families who have submitted learning support documents and/or reported student learning challenges.
  • Develop curricular goals/outline in partnership with families.

Collaborating with Educators

  • Work with educators to prepare them to meet the needs of special needs learners.
  • Give educators appropriate information on students with special learning needs prior to the beginning of the school year or as soon as possible after registration.
  • Provide educators with curricular goals/outlines based on instructional needs of learners.
  • Provide guidance to educators to modify lessons to meet student needs and learning styles.
  • Promote best practices for varied learning styles by recommending activities, strategies, remediation procedures and resources for specified learners.
  • Facilitate transition of learners from one grade level to the next.
  • Develop professional development sessions for educators in collaboration with the DCL.
  • If the student attended Temple Emanuel’s Early Childhood Center, meet with the ECC Director for background and transition information.

Working with Learners

  • Develop opportunities for remediation for learners who demonstrate need. This includes learners identified by their families as well as learners identified by the Coordinator.
  • Suggest and model activities and strategies that encourage inclusion of all learning styles and backgrounds.
  • Implement enrichment in the classroom setting to meet the needs of gifted learners.
  • Provide pull-out for learning, social or behavioral reasons, on an as needed basis.
  • Ensure that learners respect their peers and leaders and maintain the physical space and facilities at Temple Emanuel.


  • BA/BS in special education or related field.
  • At least 3 years of experience working with students who have special needs.
  • Knowledge of Jewish holidays, customs, and traditions.
  • Ability to direct and monitor students’ differentiated abilities during activities.
  • Excellent communication, organizational and interpersonal skills necessary to interact with all stakeholders.
  • Availability every Sunday that class takes place and time throughout the week as needed for planning.
  • A love for working with students with communication or behavioral limitations.
  • Reliable transportation.
  • Ability to manage students that may elope.


To apply, send a cover letter and resume to Kathy Magenheim, School Administrator, at [email protected]

Application Instructions

To apply, send a cover letter and resume to Kathy Magenheim, School Administrator, at [email protected].