Bender JCC of Greater Washington – After School Program Coordinator

Position Summary: Responsible for assisting with planning, preparing and implementing all necessary aspects of the After School program, in addition to supervising children within the guidelines set by the Bender JCC of Greater Washington.

Essential Functions of the Position:
• Engage and supervise the participants in programs and activities while under your care.
• Actively supervise participants are under your care.
• Know how many participants are under your care and who and where they are at all times.
• Comply with and participate in the Maryland State Department of Education licensing requirements. Attend 6 hours of Maryland State approved professional development training each school year. Some of which may take place outside regular work hours.
• Safely escort children from Charles E Smith Jewish Day School to the Bender JCC for Kids After School and enrichment class activities.
• Brain storm with team members to create and implement programs to span multiple age groups.
• Attend all monthly staff meetings as scheduled.
• Recognize, respond and report to Group Leader any environmental and/ or other hazards related to the activity or the program.
• Report to work as scheduled, on time, complying with dress code as stated in employee handbook.
• Sign in properly in order to receive your bi-monthly paycheck.

Other Responsibilities:
• Keep required attendance records and reports on the children in the program (attendance, incident).
• Encourage the use of Jewish and diverse content in the program curriculum.
• Ability to engage with participants of all ages (K-6th grade)
• Combine efforts with other staff members in the program including, inclusion staff and supervisors to ensure program and activities run smoothly.
• Demonstrate sensitivity to the needs of the students served.
• Display and reinforce sportsmanship, fair play and a positive attitude at all times.
• Obtain, prepare and distribute snack at appropriate time, and clean area when finished.
• Be knowledgeable and carry out duties as assigned in the event of an emergency.
• Communicate emergency evacuation / fire procedures to program participants.
• Include typically developing children and children with different abilities and foster age appropriate conversations to break down barriers and biases.
• Availability to work school out day coverage including days off for MCPS and Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School, early releases, and snow day coverage.

Physical Requirements/Working Conditions:
• Assist in the daily set up and clean-up of the program area, which includes but is not limited to, putting all program supplies and equipment away, making sure all food items are wrapped and put away and wiping down the tables and chairs.
• Periodically check refrigerator and remove old or unwanted items.
• Close and lock all closets at the end of each day.
• Change soiled clothes as needed.
• Ability to get on the floor to participate and supervise activities.
• Must be able to go outside, move about all areas of the campus and accompany participants on field trips.
• Lift a minimum of 25 lbs.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities Required:
• Able to communicate clearly and effectively with parents, children and peers.
• Strong written and spoken language skills.
• Knowledge of typical development in School Age Children.
• CPR and First Aid certification preferred.

Education and Experience:
• Prior experience working with school aged children in an MSDE approved center.

Other Requirements:
• Knowledge of, and respect for, the mission of the Bender JCC of Greater Washington.
• Knowledge of the rules and regulations of the Bender JCC of Greater Washington, including its Personnel Handbook, as well as the Kids After School Staff Manual and to abide by them
• Knows steps, responsibilities, and purpose of being a Mandatory Reporter.
• Work in a team environment.
• Communicate effectively with others, verbally and in writing
• Perform other duties and responsibilities as needed, required, or assigned

Application Instructions

Please apply via email at or online at

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