Sharing Jewish Values With Your Family

The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington’s Department of Jewish Life and Learning and PJ Library in Greater Washington offer a series of Judaism Values cards to complement family programs.  These cards add a quick family education moment to a variety of PJ Library programs by tying in a Jewish value to a fun family experience at an event.

We share this information with you to offer insight into what Judaism values, while recognizing that people of various background and religions share the same values.

We hope that you will be able to use this information to spark conversations and actions in your family, circle of friends and/or classrooms.  Feel free to download, print and distribute the PDFs of the cards.  And let us know what you think or how you used them by emailing us!

Judaism Values cards are available for the topics listed below. To read about the values and to obtain downloadable pdfs for the cards, click on the desired topic below. PDFs should be printed with 2-sided printing and cut into four cards.
  Providing Peaceful Shelter Sukkat Shalom
  Protecting Your Health
  Providing Food for All
Hazan et Hakol

  Caring for the Environment  Shomrei Adama
    Taking Care of Yourself
V'ahavta L'reikhah Kamocha
  Being Present

Being Sensitive to Animals’ Needs Tza’ar Ba’alei Chayim
  Appreciating Life's Many Flavors
Ta'am Hachayim