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The Power of Community Events blog post

The Power of Community Events

In a time of social distancing, we can still come together to make a communal impact. Check out these three upcoming opportunities to make a difference and celebrate as a community. Federation’s Sara & Samuel Lessans Good Deeds Week, formerly Good Deeds Day, brings together more than 60 partners and thousands of volunteers for eight […]

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March 2021 PJ Blog Post

Marching Through March’s Holidays

I love celebrating holidays—including birthdays, half-birthdays, religious holidays, and even made-up holidays like Star Wars Day on “May the 4th“! Maybe it’s because I grew up with parents who were of different faiths, or because I want to teach my kids to creatively celebrate everyday moments, or because I love any excuse for a party. […]

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Purim image with noisemakers, hamantaschen, masks and confetti

Celebrating Purim All Year Long

On the holiday of Purim, it is traditional to dress in costumes, eat hamantaschen (triangular filled cookies), and hear the story of how Esther saved the Jews in ancient Persia. Purim 2020 was the last Jewish holiday celebrated with the community in person or, for some, the first holiday celebration cancelled due to COVID-19. I […]

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MLK Memorial

Honoring the Legacy of Dr. King Through Action

(updated for 2021) January is a month for reflection and introspection. While Shabbat and Tu B’Shevat (the birthday of the trees) are the Jewish holidays this month, there is another holiday many Jews celebrate as it aligns with our values. MLK Day, honoring the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, is a […]

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holding sparklers

New Year, New Attitude

Happy New Year! With the arrival of 2021, we turn the page on our calendar and symbolically turn over a new leaf as our thoughts and intentions turn to renewal. Fittingly, at the end of this month we observe Tu B’Shevat (the birthday of the trees), a holiday that marks the season when trees in […]

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Chanukah Giving

In my family, Chanukah is a time to navigate and celebrate my interfaith roots and find ways to honor all branches of our family tree. Like a family—and a community—the chanukiyah (the nine-branched candelabrum used for Chanukah) has many branches and ways to add light to the world. The word “Chanukah” means “rededication,” a nod […]

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two hands holding a red heart

Gratitude and Giving

Gratitude is a prevalent theme in November, beginning with being grateful to vote, to showing gratitude to our veterans, and then celebrating with our family and friends for Thanksgiving. These things don’t have to stop during a pandemic, though they will be done differently than in years past. I’ve spent some time thinking about everything […]

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Three children with pumpkins

Celebrating Seasonal and Lunar Cycles

I love autumn. Growing up in Miami, the change in seasons was far more subtle, which is why I jump for joy at the first signs of a new season here in the DC area. The crispness in the air, the glorious colors on the trees, the ability to pick apples and pumpkins at a […]

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Marking Transitions and Celebrating a New Year

The start of the school year may feel like a continuation of the current season rather than the start of something new. However, each transition deserves to be recognized. Judaism provides several ways to mark transitions. From a shehecheyanu prayer for “firsts” (first time that year or first time ever) to Havdalah, which literally means […]

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respect and kindness blog

Modeling Respect and Kindness

“Good for her! Not for me.” ― Amy Poehler in Yes, Please In the best of times, parenting decisions are not easy. They require thought, care, and information. These are not the best of times, but we continue to make the best decisions we can. Each family is going through the same process. What better […]

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