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A Perspective on Gratitude

I was speaking with my friend the other day about the number of times we’ve heard someone say, “It could have been worse.” when speaking about their pandemic experience. Whether it’s the age of your kids, the nature of your job, or the health of yourself and loved ones during this time, there have been […]

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Kids at Fort McHenry

Going Beyond the Bookcase

My family loves to explore our history-rich area and read about unique local places and their history before and after our visits. Graphic novels, picture books, biographies, and travel guides all help enrich our discovery of new places. Prior to a recent excursion to Harpers Ferry, WV, we read about John Brown and the events leading up to the Civil War. Before […]

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Planting a tree with Avi in Israel in 2006.

With Gratitude to an Incredible Teacher, Avi West

As we turn inward to reflect during the Hebrew month of Elul and look forward to a sweet Jewish new year* and to a new school year, I hope that you’ll think about the wonderful teachers in your life—perhaps a beloved family member, a supportive boss, a colleague, or your rabbi—and, if you can, tell them how […]

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Understanding the Jewish Calendar

We know we are discussing Rosh Hashanah at the beginning of August, but don’t blame us: Blame it on the moon! The Jewish months and holidays are based on the lunar calendar—a 28-day cycle that reflects the waxing and waning of Earth’s moon. Some holidays are set when the moon is at its brightest to […]

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Celebrating Our Children's Independence

Celebrating Our Children’s Independence

“Mom, you have let me help you so many times! What’s the point of teaching me how to do it if you never let me do it on my own?!” My eight-year old had a point. I’d asked her to wait until I was done working so that I could supervise her culinary endeavor in […]

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Child swimming with a kickboard

Letting Your Child Learn to Swim

My kids will happily tell anyone: “Our mom’s not afraid to let us get bored.” Even before the pandemic, this was the case. Ask them why and they’ll note that when they get bored, they get creative. That’s what I want: kids who know how to have fun without my having to tell them how […]

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The Power of Counting Up, Not Down

Have you noticed how we tend to count DOWN the months, days, minutes, or even seconds in anticipation of a big event? We spend the last seconds of December 31st counting down to the beginning of the New Year. Parents count down the days to the arrival of their new baby. Our kids count down to the last day of […]

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The Power of Community Events blog post

The Power of Community Events

In a time of social distancing, we can still come together to make a communal impact. Check out these three upcoming opportunities to make a difference and celebrate as a community. Federation’s Sara & Samuel Lessans Good Deeds Week, formerly Good Deeds Day, brings together more than 60 partners and thousands of volunteers for eight […]

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March 2021 PJ Blog Post

Marching Through March’s Holidays

I love celebrating holidays—including birthdays, half-birthdays, religious holidays, and even made-up holidays like Star Wars Day on “May the 4th“! Maybe it’s because I grew up with parents who were of different faiths, or because I want to teach my kids to creatively celebrate everyday moments, or because I love any excuse for a party. […]

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Purim image with noisemakers, hamantaschen, masks and confetti

Celebrating Purim All Year Long

On the holiday of Purim, it is traditional to dress in costumes, eat hamantaschen (triangular filled cookies), and hear the story of how Esther saved the Jews in ancient Persia. Purim 2020 was the last Jewish holiday celebrated with the community in person or, for some, the first holiday celebration cancelled due to COVID-19. I […]

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