SVIVAH’s HerTorah: High Holiday Conversations

Date: Thursday, September 16, 2021
Time: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
Organization: SVIVAH
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In preparation for the High Holidays, SVIVAH is taking a departure from our traditional HerTorah gatherings and instead — bringing some phenomenal scholars and thinkers directly to you! In preparation for the High Holidays, we will be sharing the voices of some fantastic women* and how they are preparing to walk into this New Year.

HerTorah: High Holiday Conversations

We are blown away by the group of educators that we have lined up for you. They are fantastic and different and unique in their thinking and their eyes to the world — we can’t wait to introduce you to all of them, and we hope that you’ll actually take advantage of opportunities to learn with and from them in this coming New Year — so we’re going to be sure to let you know how you can find them.

Watch/listen to these TWENTY fantastic conversations right here!

HerTorah: High Holidays Conversations

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We are so glad to be entering 5782 with you.

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