Doing Good Project Ideas

Social Action Projects and Partners

Now more than ever it is critical for volunteers and donors to be able to connect with non-profits and their community by giving back in hands-on ways. The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington works hard to create positive environments and experiences that allow participants to contribute to the well-being of people in need,  locally, nationally and around the world. It is important that the volunteers are doing something that is both meaningful to them and truly helps the recipient(s).

Below is a list of projects and local organizations to partner with for your social action activities. These ideas should be used to spark new ideas, to generate interest and to inspire. We are adding to this list weekly. Please contribute by emailing successful partnerships and projects to Jconnect.

Online Project Bank

Hands On and Out of the House

Behrend Builders
Birthday Parties for Homeless Children
City Farming
Clean up Grafitti
Clean up Your Local Park
Deliver Food for Meals on Wheels
Deliver Treats to First Responders
Glean and Sort Fresh Food Donations
Handmade for the Homeless
Intergenerational Programs
Only Make Believe
Plant a Tree
Prepare Meals at a Local Shelter
Revitalize and Rebuild Homes
Sort Donations at a Collection Facility
Tech Help at Senior Homes
Volunteer at Pet Adoption Drives
Voter Registration