Celebrating Growth and Sharing the Love of PJ

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Earlier this week, I was at the PJ Library International Conference in Springfield, Massachusetts. While western Massachusetts is where PJ Library began and where the PJ Library “home office” is, the influence of this program extends beyond the state’s borders to cover the globe.

Not coincidentally, the theme of the PJ Conference was tz’michah (growth), and just as we focus on how to help our young children’s Jewish identities grow, we can also reflect on the phenomenal growth of PJ Library here in Greater Washington. Ten years ago, after a successful pilot in Northern Virginia, The Jewish Federation made PJ Library available to all families in our area. We enrolled 1,000 families in the first week and have continuously grown to 6,500 families encompassing 200 zip codes throughout the DC metro area, which translates to 8,400 books being distributed each month. That’s huge!

Federation could not reach so many families without our 48 PJ Library Community Partners and you, the parents, grandparents, and supporters who share a love of Judaism and PJ Library with your children and friends. Next month, we’ll share how we are going to celebrate these 10 years of growth as a community, but for now, we invite you to share your love of PJ Library in Greater Washington by participating in this month’s Refer-a-Friend campaign and inviting a friend to join you at one of the many delightful programs listed on our calendar. 

As always, I’m here to help — we may be getting bigger, but we are always small enough to get to know you and your family.



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