Marching Through March’s Holidays

March 2021 PJ Blog Post

I love celebrating holidays—including birthdays, half-birthdays, religious holidays, and even made-up holidays like Star Wars Day on “May the 4th“! Maybe it’s because I grew up with parents who were of different faiths, or because I want to teach my kids to creatively celebrate everyday moments, or because I love any excuse for a party. It’s my hope that these celebrations and traditions build memories and excitement and provide a window into other cultures.

Some of my favorite holidays are in March. I’m especially looking forward to hosting a Passover Zeder (Zoom Seder), telling the Exodus story, and eating foods like brisket and matzah brei (a pan-fried matzah and egg mixture often served for breakfast) that I really ought to make more often. Our family loves Passover because of these traditions—and its multisensory, storytelling rituals are perfect for sharing with children.

March also has a trio of days that my sister Kelly~Noelle and I have been celebrating with our kids for years—maybe your family can, too!

  • March 14: Pi(e) Day (for 3.14)—Homemade pizza and key lime pie are on the menu!
  • March 15: The Ides of March—Caesar salad and chicken Caesar, knives optional!
  • March 17: St. Patrick’s Day (our family is part Irish)—Guinness beef stew with Irish soda bread.

Another bonus? You can use up your chametz (leavened bread and bread products) to make some of these recipes before Passover arrives!

What traditions does your family have for Passover and year-round? I’d love to hear about them! Post them on Facebook or email me. And if you want any of our family’s recipes, please let me know!

Chag sameach (Happy Holiday).

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