Gratitude and Giving

two hands holding a red heart

Gratitude is a prevalent theme in November, beginning with being grateful to vote, to showing gratitude to our veterans, and then celebrating with our family and friends for Thanksgiving. These things don’t have to stop during a pandemic, though they will be done differently than in years past.

I’ve spent some time thinking about everything that’s different, on my own and with my children. These feelings are real and cannot be disregarded. However, we can continue to show gratitude and cultivate a tradition of giving back with our families. We can focus on what we are preserving or what we are adding this year. The Jewish value behind this is hakarat hatov (focusing on the good).

This month’s activities and programs provide a perfect way to give back to our community as a family while respecting physical distancing.

Learn about these and more below or reach out to me for more ideas!

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