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#JewsForRefugees Assembly

The #JewsForRefugees Assembly will bring together the greater Washington DC Jewish community -- convened by HIAS, the world’s oldest, and only Jewish, refugee organization -- to raise up a powerful Jewish voice in support of the safety and dignity of refugees around the world.

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JCA 50+ Employment Expo

The 50+ Employment Expo is a service of the Jewish Council for the Aging. Senior 50+ retool, recharge, reinvent yourself to reenter the job market. The Expo will include; employers, community resources, seminars, keynote speaker, job clubs, resume reviewing room, technology center. It is free to all jobseekers and vendors. 

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Steven A. Rakitt



On April 2nd, our community will gather for Federation’s 6th annual Sara and Samuel Lessans Good Deeds Day.  We are expecting 8,000 volunteers at 143 projects throughout our community, joining more than half a million volunteers around the world. Good Deeds Day offers each of us the opportunity to put our skills, passion and willingness to work in the pursuit of bettering our community. By coming together on Good Deeds Day, we leverage our individual efforts and support those who need us most. Sign up at gooddeedsdaygw.org, and bring your family and friends. Help us build an even stronger community, one good deed at a time.